Integrated Business Care

Training and Prevention

  • Advising on dispute resolution clauses in business agreements
  • Setting up internal dispute resolution teams
  • Training management and HR managers to resolve disputes internally 


  • Partner/Shareholder – Partner/Shareholder
  • Employee – Employer
  • Business – Supplier/Customer/Agent
  • Business Owner – Family (Spouse, Child, other family member)
  • Business Owner – Family (Estate matters)

initiative - Beyond Classrooms

  • Subsidised mediation for non-profits and social businesses
  • Training mediators on how to set up mediation practices
Integrated Business Care

Support Services

  • Business Coaching for business owners
  • Workplace Counselling for teams in dispute
  • Structuring and re-structuring (Freezone, Offshore, LLC)
  • Family Governance – Family Businesses
  • Facilitation of buying or selling shares
  • Management Audits (HR, Finance, Legal, Strategy, Marketing Functions)
  • Commercial contract drafting/review – Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
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