Who we are

i | BC (integrated Business Care)

i | BC (integrated Business Care) specializes in international dispute resolution services.

We combine traditional and modern dispute resolution techniques with training to promote the resolution of disputes, whilst providing practical support services.

Our team consists of fully accredited mediators from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution – CEDR (London), from many different backgrounds and professions, who speak a range of languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Guajarati, Swahili and French (Dispute Resolution Specialists  – hyperlink).

Our impressively trained Dispute Resolution Specialists (“DRS”) will facilitate amicable resolution of your disputes and also build sustainable solutions by training where we can.


Cross cultural disputes are at their peak, with people from so many backgrounds living and working in different countries, or having relationships across cultures and countries. Against such a backdrop, it is with clear vision that our DRSs work across cultures and borders and are able to speak a variety of languages, including Arabic, English, Swahili, Urdu, Gujurati and Hindi.

 We use transformative mediation to impact sustainable change and impact the way people deal with conflict and aim to empower people to deal with interpersonal relationships positively.

What is Mediation?

An informal voluntary process intended to resolve disputes amicably by the intervention of an independent and impartial third party.

Why Mediation?

  • Informal
  • Confidential
  • Quick
  • Cost effective
  • Opportunity to maintain relationships

Vision and Mission


For all to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), specifically mediation, for their dispute resolution clauses in any agreements and wherever a legal case may arise. 


To provide opportunities for all to save money, time and relationships by preventing disputes from arising, managing disputes effectively and resolving them through peaceful means.

Who we are
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